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Oct 26 2007

“gun case”

Jimmell is a student I have seen only about 10 times this year. He used to come to class with a horrible attitude and never did any work. I called home because of his truancy and talked to his grandmother. He started to come to school more regularly and does not have the bad attitude. He does all of his work when he is actually in class. Yesterday he showed me a court paper and said he had a “gun case”. I didn’t know what he meant, and he said he got caught by the police with a gun. A GUN. Jimmell is 15 years old. A 15 year old should not have a gun in his possession. My heart broke at the harsh reality of my student’s life. I had a short talk with him and he told me I “wouldn’t understand because it’s the street”. I told him how much I cared about his safety and how I would keep him safe if he came to my class everyday and got off the streets during the school day. He said he wold start coming. He came again today and said he would be there on Monday. I wish I could keep him safe all day, but I know that when he leaves the school there is a world out there that I could never understand.

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